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From The gate To The Plate . Where the food starts and adventure begins! Chances are, if you enjoyed eggs for brunch at Trump Towers in Chicago, you had a taste of Slagel Farm eggs. Chances are, if you had fine Ribeye Steak at The Publican in Chicago, your mouth watered with the unforgettable flavor of Slagel Meats.

estled among the flat land of corn and bean fields of North Central Illinois sits one of the area’s best kept secrets…Slagel Family Farm. Slagel Family Farm is about 2 miles south of Fairbury, Illinois. The drive is less than 20 minutes east off Interstate 55 at route 24 or approximately 30 minutes west off Interstate 57. The farmland is scenic and relaxing. LouisJohn, wife Leslie and son Branson, are the sixth generation of the Slagel Family raising livestock. Along with LouisJohn’s father, mother and younger brothers and sisters, they all work together to run a small diversi-

fied farm raising hogs, cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits, corn, soybeans, hay, and pumpkins. Slagel Family Farm is a shining example of a family driven to build a successful farming business in Central Illinois. 

he Slagel Farm focus is on quality over quantity. Every aspect of the operation is controlled, from breeding and genetics to the feed rations fed to the livestock. LouisJohn learned the art of raising livestock from family traditions going back to 1888 starting with his great-great Grandfather, Sam Slagel. They grew up with the belief that the best way is the good old fashioned way, so they worked long and hard to bring customers a healthy consistent product with a taste they couldn’t help but remember!

lagel Farm livestock are all naturally raised in an outdoor environment where they are fed grain, grass and hay. No implants, hormones, steroids, artificial additives, preservatives or constant levels of antibiotics are used. LouisJohn’s dream came true in 2007 when he established Slagel Family Meats located in Forrest, Illinois. The retail butcher shop was designed to process the best, high quality products more efficiently for their retail customers and the public. Slagel Meat products are delivered weekly to restaurants and other fine dining facilities throughout the state including the Chicagoland area.

alents in this family are never ending. From raising a family, running a business, and delivering product, to new construction on the farm, LouisJohn and Leslie are dedicated to what they are doing. 

ou are invited to the Slagel Family Farm! They want people to have a lovely and comfortable place to spend the afternoon enjoying the farm, good food and good friends. With the help and encouragement of friends and family, the two of them have positioned Slagel Family Farm to become a premier Dining Destination. What is enjoyed in the finest restaurants of Chicago can now be savored right next door on their Farmland. 

oin the Slagel Family on a farm/dinner tour to enjoy their old-fashioned livestock farm and reconnect with the land. See the livestock roaming the pastures and learn the importance of farm raised food. Then, sit back and relax while one of the best known Chef’s from Chicago prepares a fresh four course meal. The Slagel Family believes in sharing their brand of down- home hospitality with everyone!

inners are held several times a year. For more information, tour and dinner event schedules or to purchase a reservation, please visit, or call 815-848-9385.

Slagel Family Farm

23601 E. 600 North Road, Fairbury, IL 61739 Email:  Te l: 815-848-9385


LouisJohn and his sister Shanna Slagel have won many awards raising and evaluating livestock dating back to High School and College.

In June 2012, LouisJohn and Shanna represented the United States Judging team in cattle judging and cattle meat evaluation in Edinburough, Scotland at the Royal Highland Show. While in Europe several farms were toured exchanging cattle raising techniques.









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