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By - Celeste Kuiper Kelley

Step across the threshold of this lovingly restored, 106 year old building and be transported into a unique, happy space and a shopping experience quite unlike any other anywhere! Inside Out, at home at 226 North Central Street in Gilman, IL. 

As you make your way

Inside, one the first things you’ll see is the shop’s 106-year-old up-right piano!  It’s not for sale, it’s for fun and it still has a lot of life left in it and loves to be played – and is quite often by young and old alike! This shop seems to be ageless or timeless, if you prefer. Everyone has fun here, whether you buy or not.  It’s like walking into a friend’s home – everyone is greeted with a warm hello and a cup of Door County Coffee.  Or an invitation to sample wine. 

Throughout the two story shop and its enclosed garden, you’ll find a tasteful, eclectic blend of upscale, contemporary home and garden décor.  Mirrors, lamps, clocks, candles, candle holders, vases, and gorgeous garden iron. You’ll also find an exciting collection of fashion jewelry – statement necklaces, Bling, BOHO chic and hand created artistic pieces that range from recycled credit card earrings and bracelets to recycled aluminum necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Their fashion jewelry is gorgeous and they have something for every style.  

The shop’s calling card is, get ready, Illinois wine!  In the ground floor Wine Corner you’ll find wines that are produced in Illinois.  Only Illinois!  Before you say “oh no”, try them.  Inside Out carries wine from 6 of the 98 (and counting) Illinois vineyards. For beer lovers in their midst, the shop carries Mad Anthony beer.  They also carry a wide selection of wine accessories from glassware to aerators to cocktail napkins.

Best of all? You can try them (if you’re old enough!), because sampling takes place every day. Wine (or beer) can be purchased by the glass (or bottle) for sipping while you shop or to enjoy in our beautiful garden.  Owner Paula Warmbir grins and says, “We’re saving Illinois one bottle at a time!"  In all seriousness, Warmbir’s belief in supporting Illinois businesses runs deep and it isn’t likely to change anytime soon.  

The shop’s second story is as much fun as the ground floor and the garden.  There is ample seating on a small collection of antique church pews that seem to exist just for the purpose of sharing wine and stories! Wander around and you’ll find a delectable array of gourmet Foods and kitchen gadgets that I promise, you won’t want to live without. There are more fashion accessories (read handbags, scarves and jewelry), more home décor and even a sur-prising sale corner!                   

Inside Out is not just a shopping destination, it is in their words, “the place to be, to see and to be seen” during their monthly special events. During the fall and winter months, the shop holds 2 special events each month. During the summer months, the shop’s signature event, High Heels and Eyelashes, Mustaches, Too is held once each month. Are they fun, you ask? Oh yeah.  What could be better than really good music, wine and Fair Oaks Cheese, shopping, meeting up with friends, swinging on the garden swings under the pergola and extraordinary fun? Well, nothing, unless it’s to attend one of their many wine classes, held in conjunction with a local community college. 

Inside Out is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 AM to 5:00 PM and from Noon to 4:00 on Sunday.  Their day of rest is Monday, when the shop is closed! For more about this unique shop that could be anywhere, but thrives in downtown Gilman, IL, visit their website at: or follow them on Facebook at InsideOut Gilman. 

Inside Out: A Surprising, FUN, Timeless experience Every Time!  And it definitely is the place to be, to see and to be seen.

Photo By: Crystal Prahl, Forever Me Photography


Page 29 - Vigore AUGUST 2012 copy

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