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n the last few years, the number of

diagnoses of gluten intolerance, sensitivity, and celiac disease has gone off the charts. For those who hear those words, and experience the pain and discomfort there comes a NEW feeling – the fear of leaving one’s comfort zone. Many of these people have led active, busy lives without giving a thought about where they can go and what they can eat. Now, many of these people cannot even consider going out to dinner, never mind going on vacation to a foreign country. Where will I eat? What can I eat? How can I communicate to someone else what I need? And even if the food is correct, can I be sure it will not come in contact with the food ingredients I cannot have? The words “cross contamination” became all too familiar. The repeated answer to these ques-tions has been – I don’t know. And, accordingly, many of these people just decided not to go anywhere they do not have to go. If they have to travel for work, the ultimate suitcase full of packaged gluten free food becomes the standard travel equipment. Vacations became too difficult to even consider. And, for parents with gluten free children, the fear of taking these children somewhere and having them become ill, has been just too horrifying to consider.

he concept of Gluten Free travel is not a new one. There have been companies in the marketplace offering group trips for the gluten free passenger for a number of years. BUT, does everyone with a food issue want to travel with 30+ people who have the same or similar issues? Is this the only common denominator? And, isn’t a vacation the time to get AWAY from one’s problems, not now to be faced with everyone else’s, for 10 days? The questions were out there and finally someone created an answer.

llen Morse Travel has been creating customized itineraries for non gluten free passengers for 14 years. Ellen Morse, owner and president, believed that every traveler deserved a trip that fulfilled his or her wish list. Having started out in the cruise industry, Ellen learned the difference between mass market and upscale, personal attention. And, through much research and hard work, she was able to translate that to any trip, anywhere. She established relationships with every travel detail provider from the most expensive tour company to the wholesalers providing hotels, transfers, and excursions in every category.

ut Ellen Morse had another issue. She was diagnosed celiac, and dairy intolerant, as a very young child. And, in those days, there were no gluten free cookies, breads, cakes, soy sauce etc. There were a few items that did not contain that dreaded ingredient and that is what she ate. Ellen recalls being on a cruise ship in the early 1970s and having to eat broiled chicken and salad at every dinner. The head waiter assumed she had a heart condition and would hover over her each time she came into the dining room. Even if she told

them what her issue was, they would not have known what she was talking about. So, she did not even bother. And life went on. And Ellen continued to travel. BUT, she had a dream and she knew that one day she would bring that to reality.

everal years ago, Ellen was attending a social event when she was approached by another guest and a conversation began. Never would she have believed that this was a most prophetic meeting. Her conversation partner happened to be a gluten free chef with national food services credentials.

hen this professional asked what she did for a living, Ellen responded that she was a travel consultant, creating customized itineraries all over the world. The next question changed their combined history – did Ellen ever think about gluten free travel? “Only every day of my life”. And so ultimately, began, Gluten Free Travel-Us ! Ellen realized that by hiring Estelle Chandler, she would now have the missing piece. She could continue to excel at her expertise in creating amazing trips but then add the talent of a food consultant who has comprehensive knowledge of food all over the world. Estelle loves to talk about how she grew up with nannies from many countries and they cooked native dishes for her family. 25 years ago, when she was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, she was determined to learn how to make many of these dishes gluten free. She has the ability to look at a recipe and determine whether this is appropriate for







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