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Vigore Chicago recommends Ellen Morse’s Gluten Free


Contact Ellen at: 312.337.9235

Also visit her website:

Ellen Morse Travel for the Discriminating Traveler








someone who is gluten free, dairy free, soy free or diabetic. Her knowledge of brands and products is extensive. Among their projects, Estelle and Ellen traveled to Panama last year to work with hotels at the beach and in the rainforest in creating gourmet gluten free cuisine. In partnership with Condor Tours and Travel, GFT-Us can now provide hotels, transfers, nature activities as well as visits to the Panama Canal – and all of it – Gluten Free!

hey also worked with the executive chef of Silversea cruise line in developing a gourmet, Gluten Free menu for the Barbados cruise in November, 2012. As a side note, this cruise is sold out. Gluten Free Travel-Us became the first company in the US to offer customized itineraries gluten free. Requests come from all over the US, Canada and countries over the globe. The Gluten Free traveler has finally found a voice!

f great importance is the knowledge of where in the world can you go. There are lists and lists of the hottest places to visit every year. But not every destination is created equal with regards to the gluten free traveler. Even the USA has places that have better options than others. And, it is surprising to note that the most gluten free friendly places are not always your largest cities. If you suggest a place that is not going to treat you well, GFT-Us has no problem telling you that perhaps you should choose another destination. Just to travel is not the goal- to have a wonderful experience and come back smiling – that is what EMT and GFT-Us pride themselves on doing!

hat exactly does it mean to have a trip created Gluten Free? Where does one begin? Most people do not think about where every meal is coming from when they travel. Part of the excitement of new surroundings is the different food one can try. It is exhilarating to imagine the different places where one can eat. When a traveler has food issues, this is not exciting, it is enormously stressful. This issue begins before one even gets to the destination. What can we do at the airport? What can we eat on the plane? Train? Bus? And the answers will vary. Ellen Morse and GFT-Us have done extensive research so that you do not have to. They help you to find what airport restaurants have gf/df/sf options, they will contact the airlines to make your meal requests and, if necessary, will suggest additional items that you can take with you. They also know what forms of transportation definitely do NOT have food options. And, every Gluten Free traveler needs to know that BEFORE they leave!

very detail in a Gluten Free trip must be planned in advance. Most hotels outside of the US include breakfast in their rates. GFT-Us makes inquiries about the possibilities for gluten free options for this meal. When planning a trip for a stay on a resort, it is even more crucial to work with the restrictions, allowed items and preferences for each traveler as there are many more meals in one place, to consider. And, of course, Gluten Free Travel-Us will handle every detail regarding meals in and outside of hotels, providing restaurant, market and bakery suggestions, if available. In addition, Gluten Free Travel-Us provides you with the tools to communicate in every situation- helping the traveler to handle things independently, if necessary.

gain, there are hotels and resorts that will not provide the experience that Gluten Free Travel-Us feels appropriate for their clients. When these do come up, GFT-Us advises their client and, if necessary, will decline the reservation. They would rather see a client walk away, than to plan a trip that they know is not suitable for their traveler.

ome potential travelers just do not know what they want. And this goes for Gluten Free and non gluten free! So, on the website you will see numerous suggested itineraries that can be altered, changed, lengthened and shortened. All of this to fit into the lifestyle, preferences and schedule of every traveler. And, all can be created Gluten Free!

hether you have been diagnosed celiac, coeliac, or simply choosing gluten free as a healthier lifestyle, there is now a travel company that can help you. Contact Ellen Morse at Ellen Morse Travel ( or Gluten Free Travel-Us (

ART DE TRIUMPH,, 773-832-4038

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