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Been there…

Done that?

Amember of the Vigore staff had a curiosity about past life regression and contacted a friend - Janice Hayes. Vigore would like to share Janice’s letter with the readership of Vigore. What do you think? Where do you stand on this idea?

I was standing on the edge of a field or pasture. The sun was in its afternoon phase, leaving the air still and warm and rather golden. I was with a friend, Jean, and our 8 year old conversation was typical of 8 year old girls. That is to say, it was nothing special and I don’t recall any of the words we shared. All of a sudden, I had a strong feeling of having stood on the edge of a field like that “somewhere else” and with someone else, not Jean but another girl. I felt that the still, warm and golden air was filled with peace and serenity and knew that the peace and serenity were very, very special.

The feeling of familiarity in an unfamiliar place is not an uncommon experience. Called déjà vu, the phenomenon of experiencing vivid sensations of having been somewhere or done something exactly like the moment you are in. You just can’t remember when. For those of us who have had those feelings, they are unmistakable and not at all the product of imagination. They are

spontaneous, instantaneous and leave as quickly as they arise. Yet, even as they leave, we know they bear some importance and they reverberate for a while within us. We just don’t know why they feel important.

There is a possible explanation of why and it involves an idea that at least 25-40% of the world’s population embraces; an idea that can explain a great deal of our proclivities, preferences, biases, ideas, fears and joys as well as our déjà vu experiences. It’s called by many names, including the rather hefty “Transmigration of the Soul”, but the most common term is reincarnation .

Two or three years after that déjà vu 

experience, I heard for the first time the term “reincarnation.” The very sound of it captured me and I rushed to a dictionary to find out the meaning. I was astonished and for the first time in my young life, things made sense to me. We get recycled! We get another chance! We get a “do-over”!

Fast forward now. I am a young woman, married with a young daughter. A friend and I had been exploring subjects that were not commonly accepted then, in the 70’s, things like meditation, energy healing (called laying-on of hands), and reincarnation. One day, she made the daring challenge: why don’t I let her take me into a past life? Why not, I thought. I lay down, got comfortable, and listened to my friend encourage me to go back, back, back. Back to another time and place. An entire life unfolded inside my mind like a movie, but one that I could almost smell and hear it was so real to me. Was I Cleopatra? Napoleon? A great Greek orator? A princess or king or queen? None of the above. I was a daughter of a landowner in Wales in 1644. We had some money and stature, but nothing grand.

Other families cared for the crops and animals and we certainly directed their efforts, but I was not dripping with jewels nor promised to a mighty leader. Mary Katherine was my name— I couldn’t be plainer. But there was a young boy my age on a neighboring estate. Occasionally, he would ride his pony to our lands and before my delighted eyes, he and his pony would do magical things. They were as one and I thought him the most wonderful boy in all the world. I remember his eyes so clearly. They were astonishingly blue, deep and bright at the same time. We eventually married and had one child, a daughter. When the child was seven, my husband was called by the King to a war. He was not happy about it, but left to do his duty. He never returned. I, unable to direct the flow of our farm and crops and lands and filled with misery missing him, lost all will to live and died face down on a floor covered with straw from some kind of lung disease. I do not know what happened to the child.

That past life has been amazingly

informative for me throughout my life. Obviously, the main thing about the life was that I gave up. I was young enough, smart enough, but I gave up, surrendered my abilities to my misery and died. In my present life, my biggest challenge has been to stand on my own two feet and use my strengths and abilities with or without a relationship. The lesson of the former life has been put to rest in this one.

Learning to solve our  lessons is what I consider to be the major gift of exploring past lives. Yet, in addition, discoveries of such lives serve to give us an expanded view of ourselves. Did you live before this life? In my worldview and experience the answer is yes. Can you access those memories? Again, yes. Helping others experience past lives through regression is now part of my life work. These excursions into the past have helped people to resolve current issues, understand a fear or phobia such as a fear of heights, realize that a past trauma is coloring their current choices, and so much more. It feels good to discover that you make sense, that you aren’t a random set of ideas, fears or complexities. It’s nice to know that you have continuity, are integral, and there are reasons for everything.

We’ve all been there and done that.

Janice Hayes is an experienced intuitive counselor, spiritual teacher, and RoHun therapist. Janice Hayes is on staff at Delphi University in McCaysville, GA, an alternative school of spiritual studies. She can be reached at

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