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Vigore (vee-gor-ray: vigor, vitality)  

For Greater Impact ...
Vigore Chicago's 10,000 plus private direct mail distribution
reaches a professional and affluent audience with a household income over $300K for under .10 cents per address. Our adjustable distribution matches our advertisers demographics (current and future growth) areas and income requirements.  No other magazine adjust its distribution so quickly for the purpose to provide the greatest immediate impact for profitability.  The common Chicago zip codes are 60601 through 60605, 60610 through 60615, 60646, 60647,60654, 60657 and 60661.

See Demographics for details:
Combined Income Households over $300K (7,571) over $400K (4,567), over $500K (2,360), Doctors over $300K (347), Attorneys over $300K (231) and numerous cooperative businesses.

The goal of strategic direct mail distribution is to place Vigore magazine into the homes of people with available income to purchase our advertiser’s products and services. Direct mail distribution allows Vigore magazine to be strategically placed to maximize the right audience providing the greatest reader retention, impact for profitability and magazine longevity to maximize for Your audience, Your reach, Your results!

Depending on each issue advertisers, the targeted combined income range may vary between $300K - $500K+. Overlapping distribution may effect the total number of magazines released into one area. For multiple business locations, up to approx. 1,000 magazines will be mailed within each of the business areas that matches the advertisers product or services. See the sample chart below. The balance of magazines will be distributed into areas of advertiser’s future growth or into the standard Chicago distribution  zip codes and selected communities outside of Chicago.

Vigore's direct mail distribution to affluent homes and professional organizations provides
advertisers and contributors the greatest impact and the opportunity their message
be viewed by an audience with buying power.

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