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connect Vigore magazine with a I-phone or I-pad device

Vigore (vee-gor-ray: vigor, vitality)  

The online version of the VIGORE CHICAGO magazine has its own sent of controls. They are easy to navigate and you will quickly become familiar with it. There is a top and a bottom control bar, each controlling different features. Below are just a few instructions.

To enlarge the page please use the Zoom In icon (magnifying glass). Further magnification can be achieve by sliding the -/+ bar undearneath the page.

To turn, or flip the page, please use the arrow tabs on the side of the page(s). You can also easily jump to a desired page by entering its number in the top navigation bar and pressing Enter.

Some of the other features available through the control bars include:
  • keyword search
  • table of content
  • bookmarks
  • thumbnails preview
  • full screen viewing
  • print
  • download
  • sharing through email, Facebook and Twitter - strongly encouraged!
  • slide show

In order to go back to the Vigore Magazine
home page, simply use the browser's Back button.